Planning of the work of the Law Clinic

  1. Organization, Operation, Working method of the CD
1st session on 08 / 12/2020

 Presentation and information on the Law Clinic by Prof. Malika Boulenouar (referee)

Were present :

Prof. Malika Bouziane (referent)

Ms. Ghali kahla (referent)

Ms. Slimani Sabrina (referent)

Ms. Larabi Kheira (referent)

Ms. Hariz Asma (referent)

Ms. Zahdour Engie (referent)

  1. Menhouj AEK (referent)
2nd session on 12/15/2020
3rd session 23/12/2020
4th session 27/12/2020
5th session 29/12/2020
6th session 03/01/2021
7th session 20/01/2021
8th session 31/1/2021
9th session 07/02/2021
10th session 07/02/2021
11th session 10/02/2021
12th Screening on 02/17/2021
13th session 21/02/2021
14th session on 02/24/2021
  1. Regarding students enrolled in the clinic
  1. Opening of registrations on 8/12/2020, closing on 30/01/2021.

Number of registered students: ...

Additive list of students: ...

  1. Student activities under the supervision of the referent teachers:
  • Meetings between the referents and their groups of students on the method of treatment and follow-up of real cases by the students; Meetings spread out over a calendar corresponding to the schedules of the two parties.
  • Development by the referent teaching members of several fictitious clinical cases (6 cases), intended for 6 groups of students for exercise to prepare them for the treatment of real clinical cases.