The Legal Clinic favors and promotes access to law within the framework of the University's societal approach.

Article 1: Mission of the clinic

The purpose of the Law Clinic is to offer free of charge to people with legal difficulties, information, evaluation and qualification of their legal problems, provided by PhD and Master 2 students of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Oran2. The students participate in the activity of the Clinic under the responsibility of the teacher-researchers of the Faculty.

Within this framework, the mission of the students consists in

- Assessing the situation presented to them by the person, identifying the problems and qualifying them legally

- Informing the person about his/her rights and obligations

- Inform and explain the law applicable to the given situation

- Inform and explain the steps to be taken and the applicable procedures

- Referring the person to the relevant organizations, services or professionals

Article 2. Deontology of the clinical activity
Article 3. Competence of the actors of the clinic
Article 4. Confidentiality
Article 5. Conditions for participation in clinical activities
Article 6. Operating procedures
Article 7. Free of charge